Watch Addiction Signals

Watches have a high addictive potential. If you ask yourself, if you have an addiction to watches, here are the warning signals:

Level 1: starter drugs
  • A friend shows you his collection of watches.
  • You look at watch ads or start reading watch magazines.
  • You buy an imitation of an expansive watch during your vacation or via internet and ask yourself, who is dumb enough to spend so much money on the real one ?

Level 2: perceptional difficulties
  • You desire to own more watches than your friend.
  • You surf the same web sites as this person and look permanently for new watch dealers.
  • The list of watches, you want to buy is extended faster than you can finance it.
  • You often complain to your wife, that you do not have anything to wear with a certain outfit and mean your watches.
  • The first thing you notice in a rival is the bulge at the sleeve.
  • The same phenomenon happens with actors in the movies.
  • You would never buy an imitation of an expansive watch and you can detect imitations from far away.
  • You have a subscription to a watch magazine.
  • You join your wife window shopping but only because jewelers also have display windows.
  • You have just bought your first collection watch box, but you can't fill it up yet.

Level 3: let go off all hope
  • You cannot remember the name of the friend with the collection.
  • You seriously consider canceling your winter, spring and summer holidays in favor of a Patek.
  • You try to interest your wife in mechanic time pieces only to expand your collection with ladies watches.
  • You buy your first watch winder, because you need it for a perpetual calendar watch.
  • You are running a web site about watches (like this one here !)
  • You don't talk to people wearing Swatch anymore.
  • You learn how to dive, fly, play golf, climb mountains etc just because your watch can already do these things.
  • You discover that collecting watchstraps is a perfect hobby for in between.
  • You have enough tools to perform a revision yourself.
  • Your wife has crying fits when your birthday draws near and she knows exactly what you wish for.
  • You spend your new year's eve in front of your perpetual calendar.
  • You seriously consider buying an unknown watch brand to develop the company or you look for a job in the watch-making industry.
  • You own a semi-professional photo studio for macro photography, but you haven't taken a picture of your relatives in months.

Level 4: the end
  • You find your "exit watch" and sell all your other ones. But maybe this day will never come...


  1. Oh God, I have all of these syndromes (group of symptoms)!!! There must be a watch addict anonymous somewhere that I can attend. I am powerless over this. I just realized that I can wear a different watch everyday for 2 months and a few more days without repeating what I wore before. No wonder I am cutting down on groceries to buy some more watches. Help !!!

  2. At least, watches will not make you fat like food.

  3. Perhaps readers who are obsessed on collecting watches can relate to this. Nice post! :)

  4. Haha, that sounds so familiar. Once you really get into the topic of watches it completely changes the way you think of them and it doesn't surprise you anymore that some watches cost what they cost :)

    I'm one of these addicts myself, at some for some part. I've started a blog recently myself, with a big focus on quality watches and brands. Check it out if you're interested :) Greetings!

  5. Well, I'm not obsessed with watches, but I love yo buy them. There are times when I also look at a luxury magazine Singapore to look for some new luxury watches. I'm not really addicted, but I'm a luxury watch lover.

    1. A luxury timepiece has to function at the highest level, and the timepieces should be as accurate as possible. The watch brand should have a long standing history of quality craftsmanship with attention to detail. You can also tell a lot about the watch company from their after sales service and their long term commitment to servicing your watch. A watch brand should always stand behind their product.These luxury watches of well quality brand are simply find in Sell Breitling Watch and buy at affordable prices.

  6. s have a high addictive potential. If you ask yourself, if you have an addiction to watches, here are the warning signals: Level 1: starter drugs. A friend ...

  7. I am exactly the person in the article����



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