Louis Vuitton Robusto Briefcase Black Epi Leather

My new Louis Vuitton Robusto Briefcase Black Epi Leather for 2760 USD - very fine piece of leather briefcase ... My MacBook Air fits perfect inside. But if you use the silver lock constantly, you can not avoid scratches ...


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  2. really very nice, but not very realistic for your everyday business man or woman, unless of course you are Donald Trump. my wife found a very high quality briefcase at Radblack.com.

  3. Very design it. I love these leather briefcase. They're so conformable! =) leather briefcase please check out

  4. These briefcases is complete of full-grain leather, has no zippers to smash and no buttons to fall off. It uses just solid metal buckles to protected it, and unbelievable thick synthetic string to cling to it mutually.

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